SS Luggage Rack - Accessories for Polaris® Slingshots

Bringing you the most ingenious Slingshot storage design seen to date.


No Racks, No Drilling, No High Pricing. Just the perfect fit and size.


We provide the perfect extra storage for Polaris™ Slingshots.


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Luggage rack accessories are in high demand for Polaris® Slingshots, due to their limited amount of storage capacity. Our SS Luggage Racks are a perfect size and fit for the convenience of traveling with your cargo. 

These accessories are made of top of the line Sunbrella Plus materials manufactured specifically for the Polaris Slingshot's luggage space problem. No modifications are needed.

The most ingenious design seen anywhere for Slingshot storage bags:  Although they take advantage of the Slingshot's trunk space for storage, the materials we chose won't scratch your paint.  Unlike most other alternatives, they are more economical on your wallet and for the DIY you'll be happy to know there are no drilling of holes in anything! The Sunbrella pouches slide right over the roll hoops and each one buckles onto two webbing straps that are attached using the existing screws behind the seats. The 18 inch duffle bags (included) sit in slings made of durable phifertex screening and cinched in place with strong webbing straps and buckles. The bags are very roomy with several storage pockets. When our luggage racks that are made for Polaris Slingshots are removed there are no unsightly mounting brackets and metal plates!! Why cover up the great looks of your Slingshot with huge pieces of metal that will eventually rust or require maintenance?  When you purchase the full set of SS Luggage Racks, you'll receive two rain covers for bad weather or any other environmental concerns you may face on your travels.